heartworks – work of the heart

{ our motto, which has kept us going for the last 10 years }

we are closely involved in the advising of making and shaping beautiful small objects together with many crafters in southern africa, who use whatever resources are available to them: wood, clay, beads, felt, glass, scrap metal, wire, used earphones, plastic, fabric – oh so many , too many to mention.

And then the display and selling, where the owner, margaret woermann is supported by her loyal and wonderful team – each, through their own unique personalities, make up the colourful heartworks family. An affiliated group of about 30 women and a man add to the vibrancy – the embroidered goodies produced by them adorn homes all over the world.

Margaret would like to say: nothing is more rewarding than being able to create an opportunity for a person to produce something beautiful on a long-term basis – involving the person in the process of finding a niche – where demand is sustainable.

Oh – and she loves colour – lots of it – and – and most important of all – she would like to say: thank you to my staff – you are wonderful to allow me time for my own projects independent of the shop – it is the strong support base of the staff and the patience and loyalty of the suppliers/crafters that make us unique and special